Our Company

XiDrone Systems Inc. is a developmental stage, Counter-UAS Technology, Florida based Corporation. We identified early on that there was a significant need for a cost effective counter-UAS technology that could bridge the gap between the military and civilian operational environments. Additionally, current military / DoD Air Defense and counter UAS systems are expensive to produce and are not designed to readily operate in non-combat (civilian) environments where minimizing collateral damage to surrounding areas are paramount.

Our mission was not to produce counter drone systems but rather develop the technology that would make counter drone systems more effective and affordable for anyone wanting to protect sensitive airspace.

In 2014 we formed our company with a talented team of experts and began research to develop a cost effective, off the shelf, technology that would be:

  1. Sensitive to the complexities that commercial UAV operations face with respect to a persons right to exploit a valuable new technology
  2. A governments inherent responsibility to provide privacy and security for its citizens.

The XiDrone Systems team was successful in finding a solution that balanced both perspectives. 

We believe that our current and future technology will continue to greatly benefit the commercial drone industry.

 XiDrone Systems Inc.: Adding Value to the Counter Drone Industry

UAS Patented Technology

XiDrone Systems Inc. team is proud to be making a positive difference in a new and exciting industry. We look forward to joining together with our partners and making drone operations safe and secure for all to enjoy.

  • Deterrent for UAS – U.S. Patent No 9689976, issued June 27, 2017: Click Here – US9689976B2
  • Continuation in Part (CIP) – U.S. Patent No 9715009, issued July 25, 20017: Click Here – US Patent 9,715,009 B1
  • European Patent No – Pending Status based on U.S. Patent No 9689976 

We strongly encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our current and future technologies: Click Here – XiDrone Systems Inc.