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XiDrone Systems Inc. is a Florida based corporation specializing in developing Counter-Drone Systems with U.S. and European intellectual property (Patents) relating to Commercial Drone Detection, Tracking, Identifying, Deterring, Data Storage and Dissemination, Threat Assessment Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

The Company identified early on that there was a significant need for a cost effective drone detection technology utilizing commercial radar and other sensors that could bridge the technology gap between military and commercial operations. Typical military / DoD Air Defense and counter-UAS radar systems are expensive to produce. They operate in the very high frequency spectrum (12 – 40 GHz) which can be problematic when scanning just above the horizon where commercial drones operate and obstacles are abundant. This type of environment makes detecting small commercial drones challenging at best. To solve this problem we focus on lower radar frequencies (2 – 12 GHz) which produce better results at a fraction of the cost. 

We also believed that successful integration of drones into any National Airspace System (NAS) would stand a better chance using a multi-sensor system that provided a standard for reliability and cost effectiveness.

It was clear to our company that a global need existed for the development of a standard UAS detection methodology that would quickly advance the useful benefits of commercial drone operations while protecting sensitive airspace.

Our team of experts began research to develop a drone detection system that would be:

  1. Sensitive to the complexities that commercial UAS operations face with respect to a persons right to exploit a valuable new technology
  2. The governments inherent responsibility to provide safety, security and privacy for its citizens.
  3. A standard methodology that produced a reliable and cost effective system that could facilitate growth in all market segments; military, commercial and government.

The XiDrone Systems team was successful in finding a solution that accomplished all of our objectives and filed for our first patent in December 2014. 

We are proud that our patented technology is greatly benefiting the commercial drone industry and governments globally.

 XiDrone Systems Inc. –  The Standard in UAS Detection Technology

Multi-Sensor Patented Technology

XiDrone Systems Inc. is the first company in the U.S. and Europe to acquire multi-sensor patents for counter-UAS, drone detection, tracking, identifying and data technologies.

1. Deterrent for UAS – U.S. Patent No 9689976, issued June 27, 2017

2. Deterrent for UAS, (CIP) – U.S. Patent No 9715009, issued July 25, 20017

3. Methods to Detect, Track & Identify Small UAS, (CIP) – U.S. Patent No 9977117, Issued May 22, 2018

4. Deterrent for UAS – U.S. Patent No 10,156,631, issued November 2018

5. Systems & Methods for Detecting, Tracking and Deterring UAS – U.S. Patent Application 15/967,291 – Granted December 17, 2018, Priority Date December 19, 2014

6. European Patent – Deterrent for UAS – Granted November 2018, based on U.S. Patent No 9689976, priority date December 19, 2014

XiDrone Systems Inc. –  Making commercial drone operations safe and secure for everyone!

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