Growing Markets

Economist have estimated that the commercialization of drones will have a domestic economic impact of nearly $82 Billion dollars with a combined annual growth rate of 24% over the next 10 years. Leading legal experts have stated that counter-drone technology will have a higher profit margin than actual UAS sales due to legitimate fears and concerns over privacy and security.

Commercial markets include private, corporate and commercial security sectors, responsible for protecting sensitive airspace from the threat of sUAS’s. An enormous opportunity also exists within these venues:

  • NFL Stadiums
  • NCAA College Stadiums
  • MLB Stadiums
  • NASCAR Race Tracks
  • PGA Golf Courses and professional tennis arenas
  • Major Airports & Seaports
  • Major Tourist and Theme Park attractions
  • Movie, TV, and live entertainment locations
  • Celebrity & VIP functions and residences
  • Large Private & Corporate Security firms
  • Private Yachts & Cruise ships
  • Any airspace that needs monitoring or protection

FAA – Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) System

An even bigger market segment will include multi-sensor technology for allowing any government to integrate drones into their National Airspace Systems (NAS). Experts believe that successful integration of drones into all airspace systems globally will make it a $1 Trillion dollar market.

NOTE: XiDrone Systems patented multi-sensor technology integrated with Department 13 patented MESMER (non-jamming) system fully supports the FAA UTM system

XiDrone Systems Inc. and Department 13 combined technologies provide a real solution for the threat of drones and fulfills a genuine need in all market segments.

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