A Global Problem

There is a genuine global need for a system that can detect, identify, track, monitor and communicate with small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS <20 kg – 55 pounds). Having a system capable of doing these tasks effectively will benefit military and commercial users.

We also believe that successful integration of drones into the National Airspace System (NAS) will need to rely on this methodology for producing a UAS Air Traffic Management network capable of protecting sensitive airspace while supporting commercial operations. 

Research has shown that the only effective way to do this is by using a multi-sensor system:

Sandia Laboratory 2015 UAS Survey – found that no complete counter UAS system appears to exist. A multiple modality, data fusion system is needed to effectively solve the security and privacy problem


Click here to read the full survey: Sandia Laboratory 2015 UAS Survey

Our Global Solution

XiDrone Systems Inc. currently has three issued US Patents with additional patent pending status in Europe and the U.S, for multi-sensor technology that exceeds the requirements identified by the Sandia Laboratory 2015 survey.

Our patented technologies include an integrated, multi-sensor, detection system for monitoring, tracking and identifying commercial drones and if necessary, a situationally appropriate countermeasure solution which now includes controlling a drone using protocol manipulation through non-jamming technologies.

Our Technology Includes:

  • A detection element using 360 degree 3D radar and RF technologies to produce rapid and accurate notification of a sUAS operating near sensitive or protected airspace
  • A tracking element using 3D radar, RF technology and a Laser Range Finder (LRF) for merging precise realtime and anticipated data for the identification and interdiction elements
  • An identification / classification element using EO / IR technology coupled with data from the other elements to generate an identification, threat assessment and a course of action against the sUAS
  • An interdiction element using a Fire Control system that ensures precise countermeasures, thus, minimizing any collateral effects when deterring  a sUAS.
  • Methods to detect, track and identify small UAS such as drones using data and data processes

Our Mitigation Responses Include:

  • Situationally appropriate countermeasures include non-kinetic RF technology and other non-lethal technology
  • Drone controlling capability using protocol manipulation without jamming RF signals (Department 13 “MESMER” patented technology)
  • Lethal technology by integrating a kinetic weapon system
  • An interdiction process that may be over-ridden by intervention from the system operator or Human in the Loop (HiL)

Our Multi-Sensor Technologies Add Value by:

  • Monitoring, detecting, tracking, identifying, classifying, communicating and if necessary, deterring unauthorized or hostile sUAS by using kinetic and non-kinetic technology
  • Bridging the technology gap between military, commercial and private sectors
  • Being cost effective so this technology can be utilized by anyone needing it
  • Sensitive to the operational and environmental needs that exist in each market segment (Military, Commercial & Governmental)
  • Providing a global market standard for the drone industry
  • Providing a global market solution for UAS Air Traffic Management and integration of drones into any Airspace System

Our Patented Technology Offers:

  • Innovative and flexible data-driven, multi-sensor technology
  • A cost effective solution for private, commercial, government and military sectors
  • Reliable 24/7 capability to protect sensitive airspace
  • Technology that can be employed on a permanent or mobile platform (land, sea or air)
  • Commercially identified “Off the Shelf” equipment making our technology versatile and affordable for all market segments
  • Proprietary market advantage
  • Branding recognition and effectiveness
  • Exploitation of new market opportunities
  • Accomplishing strategic goals while reducing risk

 One System – Multiple Roles & Capabilities: 

  • Monitor
  • Detect
  • Locate
  • Track
  • Identify
  • Communicate
  • Control – (MESMER D13 Technology)
  • Deter
  • And if necessary, Destroy

Having forward-thinking strategies combined with the ability to identify and execute key technology solutions has allowed XiDrone Systems Inc. to patent technology which supports the drone industry, C-AUS manufacturers and increases safety globally. 

Contact us today to learn how our patented technology can help leverage your company as an effective solution within a rapidly growing, global industry.