The Value

The proliferation of affordable commercial sUAS systems, capable of being used as a weapon or espionage platform, is a genuine global concern.

The demand to effectively detect, track, identify / classify and deter unauthorized, hostile, sUAS within the private and military sectors is growing exponentially.

Having access to an effective, cost efficient counter sUAS system will answer the global call for help, thereby, benefiting counter drone manufacturers and the public as a whole.

Our technology offers:

  • Innovative and flexible multi-sensor technology
  • A cost effective solution for commercial and military sectors
  • Reliable 24/7 capability to protect sensitive airspace over private property, an area, an event, a group or an individual
  • Technology that can be employed on a permanent or mobile platform (land, sea or air)
  • Commercially identified “Off the Shelf” equipment making our technology versatile and affordable for commercial production

We are proud that our technology supports counter drone manufacturers by merging existing systems into a multi-sensor platform. This ability to merge counter drone technology offers companies an increased value by :

  • Enhancing your brand
  • Dominating your competitors¬†
  • Strengthening your market share
  • Accomplishing your strategic goals