XiDrone Systems Global Value

The proliferation of affordable commercial sUAS systems, capable of being used as a weapon or espionage platform, is a genuine global concern.

The demand to effectively detect, track, identify / classify and deter unauthorized, hostile, sUAS within the private and military sectors is growing exponentially. Having access to an effective, cost efficient counter sUAS system will answer the global call for help, thereby, benefiting counter drone manufacturers, military and the public as a whole.

We also believe that our technology will support UAS Air Traffic Management systems and the integration of commercial drones into any national airspace system globally. Current drone integration test sites being operated by NASA and the FAA have identified the need for a reliable, cost effective, multi-sensor, system to achieve successful “Beyond Line-of-Sight” (BLOS) operations. 

Our patented technology offers:

  • Innovative and flexible data-driven, multi-sensor technology
  • A cost effective solution for private, commercial, government and military sectors
  • Reliable 24/7 capability to protect sensitive airspace
  • Technology that can be employed on a permanent or mobile platform (land, sea or air)
  • Commercially identified “Off the Shelf” equipment making our technology versatile and affordable for all market segments
  • Proprietary market advantage
  • Branding recognition and effectiveness
  • Exploitation of new market opportunities
  • Accomplishing strategic goals while reducing risk

Having forward-thinking strategies combined with the ability to identify and execute key technology solutions has allowed XiDrone Systems Inc. to patent technology which supports cost effective methods by merging existing sensors and systems into a fully capable multi-sensor platform. 

One System – Multiple Roles & Capabilities: 

  • Monitor
  • Detect
  • Locate
  • Track
  • Identify
  • Deter
  • Communicate 

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